We Are the Starry Eyed

Five years ago, when my middle son was only one, some ladies in my mommy & me group introduced me an organization called MOPS. MOPS stands for Mothers of Preschoolers, but it’s actually for any mom with a child birth-kindergarten. A couple of us got together and started a MOPS group at our church in Orlando, Florida. After starting several more groups at my church, including a MOMSnext group (which is for moms with school aged children) I now have the awesome privilege of working for MOPS International. Moms are my passion. Helping women find encouragement, support, and live into their God-given gifting as MOPS Leaders is my higher calling. I love getting to connect with these leaders daily to help them grow in their abilities and be their sounding board.

Each year, MOPS creates a theme to help guide the year, to give it purpose and meaning and consistency in all 63 counties where groups meet. This upcoming year’s theme is We Are the Starry Eyed, focusing on Hope, Wonder, and Kindness. The graphics are spacey and starry, as I’m sure you figured, and the color palette is filled with blues, purples and greens. It’s gorgeous.


To rewind a bit, I have always had a love for stars. At 19 I began getting tattoos, most of which are stars. Blue has always been my favorite color, so part of me feels like God intended this theme just for Brittney. I am beyond excited about it. So much so that this past week I even dyed my hair blue.


The reason I started this blog is to chronicle my year of becoming Starry Eyed. I want to dive deep into what it means to wonder like a child again, to pour out kindness like endless sippy cups of juice, and hope unrelentingly in the God that holds the entire universe together. This will be the first year I won’t be leading in some capacity at MOPS. I am taking a cue from this year’s theme (A Fierce Flourishing: Celebrate Lavishly, Notice Goodness & Embrace Rest) to embrace a season of rest, to refill my cup if you will, and to be a spectator and participant. I’m so looking forward to receiving what the Lord will have for me this year and to share my experiences with you. Because together, We Are the Starry Eyed.